A designer watch is an investment that, if looked after well, should last a lifetime. Keeping it safe and giving it a good clean are a good place to start, but there are more things you can do to ensure your timepiece stands the test of time. Here are our handy tips to help you keep your designer watch in the best possible condition…

Take Out Insurance

Just like you insure your home, car or mobile phone; it’s important to consider taking out an insurance policy on your watch too. Whilst we understand that a watch with special sentimental value is irreplaceable, knowing that it’s protected should it get lost or stolen may help to ease the sadness should the worst happen. Some home insurance policies also cover watches and jewellery so it could be worth checking out your policy first!

Watch Out for Water! 

Make sure you check out just how water resistant your watch is before you expose it to too much water. A watch marked as water resistant may be able to handle the odd drop of rain but this is markedly different from being waterproof so make sure you take it off before you step in the shower or dive in for a swim. Even if your watch is classed as being fully waterproof there is normally a limit to how much water it can withstand so make sure you do your research to ensure your designer watch will be fit for the purpose you intend to use it for. 

Get a Service

You might think that booking in a service is a process reserved for your car but just like you get your car checked, it’s important to do the same for your watch every once in a while. Book in your watch with a specialist who will be able to check that everything is in working order and will also be able to replace the battery should it ever run out.

Clean it Regularly

In the same way that we clean our clothes regularly, it’s important to clean our watches too. Our watches can be exposed to all sorts of dust and dirt so making sure you keep on top of cleaning them will ensure they’re always looking their best. Do some research into how best to clean your particular metal or leather to ensure you don’t end up damaging your designer watch and if you’re unsure, take it to a specialist. 

By caring for your designer watch and keeping it in top condition you can ensure that it’s a purchase that will last you a lifetime.